Question: What types of washable covers do you have?

We have two types of washable covers.

The first type is meant to go over a waterproof blanket to give a more homey feel. The cover is a single layer in one of three options: two-sided cotton, cotton one side and cuddle the other (cuddle is a fabric which is 100% polyester and soft like fleece), or two-sided cuddle.

The second type is a two-layer, waterproof cover that has a layer of waterproof fabric and a layer of either cotton, cotton/cuddle or cuddle. This is meant to go over a liquid-resistant or regular blanket to provide a layer of protection and cut down on the amount of washing needed. It is mostly used in cases of incontinence in home-like environments where there is a desire for a blanket with less of a clinical feeling.

Our covers are made with ties to connect to loops on the Hippo Hug™ blanket so that the blanket does not slide within the cover. They can be custom sized to fit any of our blankets.

In addition, the Hippo Hug™ wipeable blanket could easily be used between two sheets or blankets to remove the need for a separate cover.