Weighted Blankets In The News

You may have seen Hippo Hug™ getting 'out and about' in the media. Here are some of the highlights!

An early mention

Want to read about the history of the Hippo Hug™ company? This Globe and Mail article is the perfect place to get the full scoop.

Only Canadian company!

Hippo Hug™ is proud to be the only Canadian company mentioned by writer Anne Kingston in her article about weighted blankets for insomniacs and people suffering from sleep disorders.

As an aid for children with ADHD, autism, and anxiety

The SavvyMom website recommended Hippo Hug™ weighted blankets for children with autism and ADHD.

Kelsey Miki and Simone Olivero wrote an article for Today's Parent about the best-weighted blankets for kids with ADHD, autism, and anxiety. Hippo Hug™ was honoured to be among the chosen for their 'best 10' list.

We're an Amber Approved product

The Amber Approved Summer 2017 Magazine had a 4-page spread about Hippo Hug™ blankets starting on page 6.

And then presenting on CTV News Calgary, Amber Approved (Amber Romaniuk) suggested Hippo Hug™ weighted blankets as a healthy lifestyle change for those struggling with sleep issues.

Solving real problems for real people

Heidi Fischer describes herself as "someone struggling with major depressive disorder and is on disability leave." Her 2017 holiday wish list included a Hippo Hug™ blanket as one of the 12 things she would like to receive.

Perhaps that's why Hippo Hug™ blankets featured as one of the cozy options for holiday gift-giving on the website A Pretty Life by Jo-Anna Rooney.

Our founder, Leslie Brooks, was interviewed by the University of Calgary!

Leslie Brooks is an alumnus of the University of Calgary and was recently interviewed as part of their "Careers in Motion" series.

Want to try a Medical Weighted Blanket for your facility?

Our Hippo Hug™ specialists can help you choose from a combination of samples for your needs.

Weighted Blankets

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We had great success with the blanket with one patient, who went from yelling A LOT to hardly at all. We have been trying them out with other patients and having different options has been helpful. -Carla Loftus Clinical Nurse Specialist, Psychiatry Consultation Liaison Teams, Sinai Health System