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What do you do to help yourself when you are anxious?

There is a long list of suggestions from warm cups of tea or milk to the 'military secret' of relaxation and imaging. Not all are that successful and many of them require practice.

Weighted blankets do the work for you

You know that cozy, relaxing feeling you get from a soft, fuzzy blanket? You feel less anxious and more like everything is right with the world.

Weighted blankets go one better, adding a comforting heaviness to the coziness. We're talking about blankets that are filled with a material to give them weight.

Many weighted blankets use plastic beads or pellets, but Hippo Hug™ weighted blankets use ceramic-coated, metal disks. These disks are just a few millimeters thick and roughly 5 centimeters wide.

The true weight of a weighted blanket varies depending on size. A Hippo Hug™ twin blanket can weigh up to 34 lbs. Because our disks are a very dense weighting system this means we can achieve a higher pounds per square inch ratio and our blankets actually feel heavier than our competitors. Their 15 lb weighted blanket feels more like our 10 lb twin size.

Scientific evidence that weighted blankets are beneficial

An article on the Harvard Medical School website discussed this issue.

The article said that there is scientific data to support the use of weight as a calming strategy.

Kids with autism or behavioural concerns

Dr. Cristina Cusin, an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, explained that weighted blankets have a long history of use with these children and in psychiatric units in general.

Dr. Cusin said that weighted blankets work along the same lines as the tight swaddling of infants. The swaddling helps these babies to feel snug and secure. As a result, they fall asleep more easily.

Simulating comforting hugs, weighted blankets also soothe the nervous system, helping people feel less anxious.

The blanket simulates a comforting hug, in theory helping to calm and settle the nervous system.

Usefulness of deep pressure

A study found that using deep pressure, like that of a weighted blanket, helped to relieve the stress of people having a wisdom tooth extracted.

Improving the quality and quantity of sleep for those with ASD

Another study found that weighted blankets help children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) sleep better for longer.

Wouldn't it be great if something as simple as a blanket could reduce anxiety?

Want to try a Medical Weighted Blanket for your facility?

Our Hippo Hug™ specialists can help you choose from a combination of samples for your needs.

Weighted Blankets

  Posted: Mon Feb 10th 2020 1:00pm  7 months ago

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The blanket absolutely helps me relax. It was a very different sensation to begin to feel relaxed over my whole body while in bed. I don’t use it every night, but the nights that I have, I notice a positive difference in my ability to fall asleep. -A/Sgt. Brennan Vanderwater, Calgary Police