Hippo Hug™’s medical-grade weighted blankets and lap pads can be used in a variety of facilities because they can be used by multiple patients without being laundered in between.

Long Term Care

Long-Term Care

Five million Canadians are aged 65 or older, and 60% of seniors in Canada have a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or dementia. More and more healthcare to this population is focused on quality of life, and weighted products are an easy-to-implement calming tool that can be accessed by anyone. Imagine a visitor or volunteer being able to help address agitation by placing a weighted blanket or lap pad before obtaining assistance from healthcare staff.

Acute Care Facilities

Acute-Care Facilities

Imagine a nurse placing a weighted lap pad on an anxious and nervous patient’s lap before inserting an IV needle, a quick solution to bring comfort to the patient in an uncomfortable situation. Or, perhaps when an ultrasound technician needs to perform a test before pain medication has set in, a weighted medical blanket can provide deep pressure stimulation for the patient to focus on and encourage a feeling of calm during the test.

This becomes an opportunity to set your institution apart by enhancing the customer service experience of healthcare.

Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals

Canadians spend over 1.5 million days a year in hospital for mental health concerns. Imagine a patient with PTSD being under a weighted blanket and feeling more secure and ready to open up about their concerns.

Visiting the dentist or orthodontist can be stressful and anxiety inducing. Young children are able to sit calmly through fillings due to the comfort and calm provided by a weighted blanket. Adults with severe dental anxiety are able to attend and complete a cleaning while relaxed under a weighted blanket without the need for sedation medication.

Weighted Blankets

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What we like: Material is easy to clean and stain resistant, which is important for multi-patient use. Sizes and weights are well matched for our population. -Sarah F. Occupational Therapist, McMaster Children's Hospital